Tennis in New Zealand

New Zealanders passion for Tennis


It dates back to 1886 when New Zealand Lawn Tennis Association (known as Tennis New Zealand) was founded and it was the beginning of an era. This Association is very important since it is one of the oldest tennis associations worldwide.  It manages the New Zealand David’s Cup team and the New Zealand Federal Cup, as well as others. This association united with the Australian one, creating the Lawn Tennis Association of Australasia which at the same time inaugurated the Australasian Men’s Championship in 1905.

However, back in 1922 New Zealand dropped out of the partnership with Australia and was granted permission to enter the International Lawn Tennis Association. Once inside it, NZ was able to play against the USA in the International Lawn Tennis Challenge.

Tennis New Zealand (TNZ) became the governing body of the sport in the country, meaning it is responsible for administering and managing tennis in NZ.


There are six Regional Centres that frameworks Tennis in this country: Northern, Auckland, Waikato-Bays, Central, Canterbury and Southern. They are all extremely connected and have a dynamic relationship, because they have the same obligations and principles. The six of them work to help the others, all the time. They are on charge for the delivery of tennis programmes, competitions, and tournaments in their respective regions. Tennis NZ gives training and sustenance for the Regional Centres and meets regularly with their workers to boost the growth of solid relationships.

Apart from that, each one of the Centres must support the tennis clubs between their area to ensure that the Tennis New Zealand has a strong base at public level. Numerous partner organizations are linked to Tennis NZ. These ones are: Seniors Tennis NZ, International Lawn Tennis Club of NZ, Aotearoa Maori Tennis Association, NZ Wheelchair Tennis, NZ Tennis Umpires Association and Tennis Coaches NZ.  

In New Zealand, there are more than 300,000 people who play tennis, making it the country’s second most popular adult participation sport, the first being rugby.

Today, TNZ holds every January a women’s tournament called ASB Classic. This is so important because the great part of tennis players used to be men, but thanks to feminism, now there are more women that practice this awesome and complete sport. In addition, this country encourages little kids to play sports by opening tennis classes for them. These classes are for the ages 3 to 12. Why is this so important and it is terrific that NZ has them? Well, first of all Tennis is a fun and complete sport that requires great effort and exercises a great number of muscles. Hence, if kid gets used to play it since a little age, he or she is highly likely they will not develop any growth illness.