Tennis Equipment

You don’t have to be a tennis pro to get the right kind of equipment, even if you are just learning or competing at the basic level having the right kind of tennis equipment helps. The most basic equipment necessary for any tennis game in Australia is a tennis racquet, balls and a racquet bag. When you become more serious about the game and go to advanced levels you can stock up on more advanced tennis equipment. Listed below are some of the major tennis equipments you need to play a game of tennis in Australia.

 The major kinds of tennis equipment

Besides racquets , balls and bags, you can also but yourself a nice tennis outfit. The white uniform that most tennis professionals wear will make you feel like a pro and also make you more comfortable playing this tough sport that requires a lot of adrenaline and pace. You can go online or go to any retail store or sports store to stock up on some professional tennis outfits.

Selecting a perfect racquet

You need the perfect racquet with the perfect grip to hit the ball in the best possible way. You can purchase racquets at the sports stores, pro shops at the tennis centers or even in some department stores. You can even go online and purchase them but it is better to select it from a store while testing it out so that you know the racquet that suits you. This way you can pick the perfect racquet according to the length, height, width, grip size and head shape that you require and get the right feel for the game.

There are also a number of accessories associated with racquets that you can purchase. These include tennis handles, overgrips that provide the perfect thickness for your racquet, vibration absorbers that protect the strings of the racquet when it comes in contact with the ball by dampening the shock and lead tape to extend or decrease the weight of your tennis racquet frame.

Choosing the right tennis balls

Generally most clubs and tennis centers will ask you to get your own tennis balls. These can be purchased anywhere and there are several different brands and packaging to choose from. However the general color and dimensions are the same. The best bet is to buy them from a sporting store or a retail store, although you can purchase them online as well. You should buy a tennis ball that is suitable for all surfaces. However you can also see surface specific tennis balls according to where you are going to be playing.

Alongwith tennis racquets and balls you should also carry a racquet bag which can accomodate not just the tennis racquet but a can of tennis balls, a water bottle to keep you hydrated, sunscreen and a towel. If possible pick a bag that can also accommodate a change of clothing so you can change immediately.