Learn To Play Tennis

Why Is It beneficial For Kids

There are many reasons why learning to play tennis is recommended, not only that it is a highly active sports but it can give a lot of benefits to growing children. At an early age, children who are exposed to playing sports, not only tennis, teaches them many things that are valuable in life, emotional, physical and social.

Physical benefits

Bone strength

As children learn to play tennis, they acquire extra strength on their bones. And more of the positive impact it can serve as children started to play regularly. This is a sport proven to minimise the chances of osteoporosis as they grow older.

Hand and eye coordination

One of the things they need to master when learning tennis is hand and eye coordination. They should always judge right timing between the ball approaching and the accurate point of contact, speedily accelerating their eye and hand coordination. Their senses will be tested playing the sport.


As they learn the sport, children will be forced to run side to side to catch the ball. Because of continuous practice, their speed will increase automatically.


Children, before they start their training, will be taught of the routine of proper stretching before they start and after their practice day has ended.  Not only constant stretching that can make them flexible but as they play tennis where maneuvering and stretching to get the ball is nothing but normal.


The regular running, stopping, running rhythm of tennis can improve your child’s balance, and this same goes as they learn to serve the ball properly on the other side of the court.

Social benefit

Team work

As they learn to play tennis, they also learn the importance of listening to their coach and playing with their team.

Self confidence / self esteem

To anything new they learn and perfected their self confidence increase. They feel fulfilled hence feel good about themselves.


Winning or losing is all part of the game, they may lose today and win tomorrow. As they are learning the sport, they are also being taught of accepting the game results and always taking things positively.

Emotional benefits


Learning anything new, not just tennis, can test a child’s patience. It is rare that they can hit the ball on their first few tries, but as they learn the game little by little their patience will be tested but when succeeded, it will definitely pay off.

Dedication to what they do

As they learn to play tennis, they will be obliged to attend trainings as scheduled. And the obligation before becomes a habit and dedication.

Overall as they start early to learn any kind of sport, they are getting physical, social and emotional benefits. Let your children learn to play tennis, you would be happy with what this sport can make them.