Lawn Bowls Shoes

A critical key to winning in any sports competition is the use or availability of athletic attire that not only suits the demand of a particular contest but also fits the style and comfort of the player. An athlete usually uses the strength of both feet to stand erect and coordinate it with whatever motion he has to undertake in his upper body. Depending on the surface where a player is standing, comes the idea of relying on either spiked or riveted rubber footwear. Check this website where you can get lawn bowls shoes.

Lawn bowls shoes, in particular, are prone to absorbing moisture from the grass field where the sport is being played especially during an early morning competition. Moisture or wetness from the shoes creates a feeling of discomfort to the player, and it could affect concentration and overall performance because of a sudden preoccupation while playing. Much concern lies on the idea when lawn bowls are played during a drizzle or an isolated rain shower.

To totally understand the needs of the  athletes playing  lawn bowls and the kind of footwear they should be using, here are criteria for you to consider:

Bowler-friendly designs

Lawn bowlers shoes come in a design that perfectly suits all bowlers. It is uniquely and specially-made to meet the demands of the sport by providing it with features that could withstand odor and moisture.

Sweat-absorbent cushions

When lawn bowls are played during a hot sunny day or even in fine weather,  extreme sweat is inevitable. Body fluids are released from the upper body down to the torso and lower extremities. Sweat that is not absorbed by the jersey travel downward and accumulates on the soles of the foot. Lawn bowls shoes are made with internal foams and cushions that absorbs sweat and dries it in a matter of time.

Spherical and symmetrical features

Just like the round balls being played in lawn bowls, the shoes also come with a feature that is almost identical to every aspect of the sport. It allows players to move around quickly from bending to throwing. Similar parts are in place, facing together to give athletes a well-coordinated movement with the lower body to the upper extremities.

Water resistant quality

Lawn bowls shoes are manufactured in such a way that it could withstand lost body fluids but also rain and ground or surface water on the field. The acidity of our sweat and the alkalinity of water contributes to the wearing out of lawn bowlers shoes. Water gradually softens and disintegrates shoe materials resulting in unevenness and further damage.

Increased flexibility

The freedom to move in the field and the comfort of each transition play gives lawn bowls players the power to exert maximum effort that would significantly contribute to their overall performance in achieving victory against their opponents. The smooth texture of lawn bowls shoes makes it also easy for players to stride, run, bend or kneel during a very close competition.

Firm support under the heel

Standing or running under a slippery and muddy playing field could be dangerous for lawn bowls players. The only way to conquer this dilemma is by wearing shoes with dependable spikes that could firmly hold the foot in place and could give athletes the proper mobility that they need during the play. Protruding and extended markings on the sole of the lawn bowler’s shoes could stabilize body to surface friction in a fast play or a critical game transition.

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