Why Every Woman Should Practice Kickboxing

Are you after getting better balance, agility, and power? Worry no more! I have the right answer for you in this guide. Kickboxing is one of the exercises that emphasises powerful movements. However, you have to note that there is a huge difference between power and strength. When it comes to adults, kickboxing plays an essential role in predicting their mobility and the risk for falls.

Mostly, you’ll find kickboxing involving shorts bouts that last for 2-3 minutes long, and they entail intense and repetitive movement. A good example is where one hits a punching bag from time to time or keeps kneeing and kicking a pad held by someone several times. But why should women participate in kickboxing? Here, is the answer:

  1. To Burn Calories and Fat

Kickboxing is an incredibly efficient exercise that plays an essential role in burning your calories and fat. Within an hour of engaging on this workout, you’re in a position of burning 750 calories.

Activities such as conditioning drills and jump rope can burn between 750 to 900 calories within an hour. Kickboxing is the best solution for your stubborn belly, which can lead to risks for heart disease, certain cancer types, and diabetes if you’re not keen. Recent research shows that aerobic exercises are in a good position of reducing belly fat compared to resistance training.

  1. The Best Solution for Toning the Entire Body

Whenever you enter a typical Femme Fatale class, you’ll always find it combining MMA drills and kickboxing with circuit training, jump rope, and many more core strengthening exercises. Kickboxing is associated with a large toning component since it engages all the body’s muscle groups. Also, whenever you use kickboxing pads, there are high chances of burning even more calories compared to air boxing or BJJ in Sunshine Coast.

Other than this, kickboxing allows you to trim your waist and work your back because every move involved required you to put more core power. Therefore, by engaging your core in this exercise, you end up improving coordination. Moreover, regular kickboxing plays an essential role in improving flexibility and reflexes.

  1. You Get Exposed to Valuable Self-Defence Moves

One of the main reasons making many women turn to kickboxing is the self-defence aspect. You’ll always gain skills for your self-defence, get reasons for each exercise involved and get tips on the best areas to apply it. It is always vital to know the main reasons to practice a certain move and also why you have to engage certain parts of your body.

It is important to be in a position of protecting yourself. This is considered a valuable asset. Also, it is empowering to be in a position of getting yourself out of a dangerous situation without any adverse effects to your body.

  1. It Takes Out Stress and Aggression

Sometimes you don’t have to take a beer to release your stress after having a busy day. You only need to engage in some physical activity, and that’s all. Kickboxing plays an essential role in getting you out of your daily stresses. Therefore, it ends up ensuring that your mental clarity is improved and you have a better sleep in the night.

Moreover, kickboxing exposes you to the atmosphere that is capable of releasing you’re your endorphins.